From the June 1st, Omniva Latvia office and sorting center is located in the business logistics center “Green Park” in Marupe developed by SIA PICHE. The new premises are equipped with the most modern parcel sorting center in Latvia, moreover, Omniva, investing 350,000 euros, has purchased an automated parcel sorting equipment, which allows to improve the parcel sorting efficiency by 40%. Thinking not only about the development of e-commerce, but also about the improvement of the business environment, Omniva has also taken care of office employees, who are provided with particularly good working conditions in the new office premises. 

The relocation to the premises in the new logistics center “Green Park” has been intentional, evaluating not only the suitability of the premises, but also the lessor’s values ​​and future development plans. The new premises offer significant benefits, and one of them is the development of new warehousing services.

The warehouse provides a separate area for customs goods. It is meaningful that there is Airport nearby Green Park, which in the future will open up more opportunities for Omniva to cooperate with foreign partners. 

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