Warehouse and office building

This is our first in-house project which means that it was fully developed and marketed by PICHE. The plot of land was very narrow and seemed unsuitable for large scale construction but we decided to proceed with the project implementation. Thanks to precise design and planning work, office and warehouse building was constructed including a loading dock for heavy vehicle access.

In the project early stages it was decided to build a storage building, also providing space for office and warehouse management. Lot rectangular shape facilitated efficient warehouse deployment but the building requirements and the building setback requirements for connections to roads, etc., forced us to make the planning smarter and more detailed. In the initial planning stage warehouse model was accurately placed on the plot of land taking into account such details as access to road, main facade placement etc. Upon completion of this phase and project cost evaluation, it was decided to remain at this specific building plan. After that designing stage was launched, which already took place as quickly as possible, thanks to precise design task, defined in the previous step.

In order to improve warehouse usage as well as for construction deadline acceleration purposes, it was decided to use slab-on-grade type foundation for this project. Concrete slab foundation has long been studied and tested by PICHE in-house research department, as well as implemented in other PICHE projects which have shown obvious advantages of this solution. Slab foundation doesn’t need floor joints, which, in particular, storage buildings, are damaging the forklift tires very often.  Also this solution makes  the foundation and floor structure more durable and faster to build. Thus, the construction process of the zero cycle (earthworks, foundations, floor) using the above solution went very quickly, allowing us to start the assembly of steel constructions as fast as possible.

Alongside the construction of warehouse, other area improvement work was done including paving and construction of external engineering networks.

Overall, this project has shown the importance of the initial planning process. Decisions taken in the initial planning phase are reflected in both the usage of the building and the total project cost. Upon completion of this project, we have accumulated invaluable experience and knowledge that we will certainly be able to offer to our clients, in order for projects to be planned and implemented more efficiently and intelligently.

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