Vehicle dealership center and warehouse

This project was realized for Yamaha Motor authorized dealer in Sweden. The building is designed to showcase various types of vehicles for the customers. It consists of a spacious exhibition halls on two floors, as well as warehouse and office premises.

Building design works were carried out according to the internal layout requirements. Since the building intended to house large-sized water vehicles, specific requirements were put forward by our Customer with regard to the internal space heights and loads on the floors. In the project we also incorporated technical equipment such as large-sized gates and cargo elevator to the second floor in order to easily transport vehicles inside and out of the building. During design stage a constant communication with the Client took place, who was in Sweden. By applying modern electronic communication capabilities, the Customer was constantly presented with actual version of a building 3D model.

Construction works were started immediately after coordination of design works with the Customer. Large distance between construction site and PICHE office demanded a thorough preparatory process while still being in Latvia. Thanks to the fact that work was done in BIM (Building Information Modeling) system, we were able to easily test the compatibility of building metal structure with the rest of design and do the job planning process. Material supply and hangar construction work sequence were precisely planned to ensure orderly execution of works.

This is already a second PICHE project in Sweden and we can safely say that over these years we have accumulated invaluable knowledge on both the legislative and construction requirement differences, as well as on the supply of materials and organization of work over long distances. Gained experience will enable PICHE team to continue working confidently and smoothly in this country.

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