Ulmanis Industrial Park

Ulmana avenue industrial business center “Ulmana park” is the first large warehouse,
production and office complex developed by PICHE, with a total area of 14,000 m2.

The park is located in Marupe, next to Karla Ulmana avenue. The location is strategically
located with a developed district infrastructure and convenient access – 100 meters from
the park is Karla Ulmana avenue (Jurmala highway) and a public transport stop. The center
of Riga can be reached in 15 minutes, while Riga International Airport is only a 5-minute
drive away.

Ulmanis Park has a large and well-maintained territory, which is equipped with video
surveillance, but the premises are equipped with an access control system and alarm
system. Warehouses and production facilities are located on the first floor of the buildings.
In turn, the office space on the second floor is connected to the first floor for more
convenient access. The park is special in that the main emphasis is placed on the maximum
energy efficiency of buildings and the use of innovative technologies in construction to
provide customers with excellent working conditions and minimize their monthly bills.

Office and warehouse premises have LED lighting. In terms of employee well-being, the
glazed facades of the buildings, which are equipped with triple-glazed aluminum windows,
face north and east, which ensures a good indoor climate. The buildings have an energy-
efficient gas heating system and ventilation with an energy-saving recuperation system.

The principles of Indian Vastu and Chinese Feng Shui have been used in the planning and
furnishing of offices. These ancient teachings help to create a pleasant environment,
harmony and positive energy in the premises.

The interior layout is adapted to the individual requirements of each Client according to the
“Built to Suit” principle.