Shopping mall

During the implementation of the project, a shopping mall was built which was internally divided into trade area or supermarket, warehouses and office premises. The design and construction works were carried out in accordance with the Finnish legislation which created an additional challenge for the PICHE team. 

In the course of the project planning and designing, the emphasis was placed on the planning of the internal area and its rational use. The PICHE experience in the operation of a 3D environment made it possible to accurately determine metal structures, their impact on the internal planning, as well as to perform simulation for internal planning, present accurately the idea to the customer. During the design process, under the laws of Finland the hangar was designed with much higher energy efficiency requirements in comparison with Latvia. 

In the framework of the project it was envisaged that activities in the BIM (Building Information Modeling) system requires a more accurate planning of construction work. Already in Latvia, PICHE managed to check the compliance of the metal structures and architectural solution, as it was also requested in relation to the relatively distant location of the project object. PICHE provided precise material supply.  Planning was performed according to the right dimensions and specifications. Delivery of materials for the building was carried out according to the plan which  provided the planned performance within the due terms. 

This is the first PICHE project in Finland, and it proved the PICHE team  that using the latest technology in construction and precise planning it is possible to ensure a high quality and fast implementation of  projects  even in such relatively long distances from Latvia. 

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