Repair shop reconstruction

The customer of the  reconstruction project is the company which offers   a variety of technical services. The aim of the project was to perform the reconstruction of the hangar of the reinforced concrete frame. PICHE implemented the hangar reconstruction design and construction, completing all the necessary formalities with the construction regulatory authorities. 

During the hangar design phase,  initially the survey of the existing building was performed in a 3D environment. After the survey carried out it was found that the construction of the hangar is off track by about 400mm in one direction. Similarly, each column in this case provided the individual deviation. Thus, the project already included the necessity of a very high precision when performing the project implementation activities and matching solutions. The performance of construction and installation works required a high degree of precision. During the design,  on the basis of the existing constructions, the section of new steel constructions was developed. The hangar in the model was sheathed on the outside with sandwich panels. Windows, gates and doors were placed. All works were performed within the framework of the BIM (Building Information Modeling) system, uniting all the sections of the project and clearly defining the solutions and structural joints. 

When performing  construction the hangar demanded from the employees of the PICHE  assembly team a high level of accuracy. As there was a great variety in the deviations of the vertical position of the existing structures, the elements of the new steel constructions also   differed among themselves. Thus, a large part of the elements of the steel constructions were individual, with individual sizes, specifications and the mounting of each element of the project was designed for a specific position of the project. Considering the experience of the PICHE construction site employees’ experience and BIM system capabilities, which allowed to follow each structural element and the hangar model as a whole, the construction works were completed within only two months. The existing hangar structures were reinforced, a new assembly of steel constructions was performed, the outer wall and roof sandwich panels were mounted and the windows, doors and gates were assembled.   

The implementation of the project was performed in a planned manner and precisely. In spite of the complicated reconstruction works and the complex state of the existing constructions, the works were carried out in a short period of time and the customer, as well as PICHE,  was really pleased with the work done and collaboration.

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