Pellet production building

This production building is one of the several projects implemented for the particular customer. The project was provided for the design and construction of the pellet production hangar in the port area. 

During the project realization, PICHE carried out the full project development according to the customer needs, providing the most appropriate constructive solutions to ensure an offer with balanced solutions in relation to the use of the building and the initial costs. Taking into account its location in the port area, the wind effects on the approximately 10m high side wall and the subsequent impact on the surface and foundation structures had to be considered in the design of metal constructions.

Despite the relatively large dimensions of the hangar  where the span length of the metal constructions  constitutes 40m and the height of the side wall is about 10m,  the base frame of the building and the metal constructions were built by PICHE without a hitch  and within short deadlines which was once again provided by the use of the BIM (Building Information Modeling) system to ensure a qualitative and fast construction process. 

The cooperation with the customer once again did not lead to disappointment. The hangar was built in due time and in accordance with the initial agreement.

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