Office and industrial building reconstruction

The project customer is the largest developer and manager of industrial parks in Latvia, in whose expansion plans PICHE, one of the largest companies in the implementation of industrial projects, has now participated and helped them to be implemented. The project envisaged the reconstruction of certain areas of the former “Rīgas autobusu fabrika” (Riga bus factory) or RAF in Jelgava, creating  high-end storage and production facilities. 

PICHE undertook within the framework of this project to perform the  new production and warehouse space planning according to the task specified by the customer, providing certain areas for certain tenants and their individual requirements, as well as the development of the approved plan in the finished project and its coordination for  construction. Taking into account that the project included the reconstruction of the current building and the fact that the customer wanted to make use of the existing construction as much as possible, PICHE had to act particularly carefully. Designing in a 3D environment made it possible to accurately reconcile the existing concrete and new building constructions in the creation of the new form of the building and the development of architectural solutions. 

During the hangar construction process, PICHE performed the author supervision of the works where it was necessary to react quickly and to offer cost-efficient solutions. Reconstruction according to the new construction in any case implies previously unknown positions and possible works which need to be solved and performed during the construction process, so the BIM (Building Information Modeling) system made it possible to efficiently carry out the supervision of the construction works and solution of the related problems.

PICHE is pleased that once again it managed to show the capabilities of its architects and engineers, implementing the projects and constructions of large scale, the importance of which is also confirmed by the Latvian State President’s visit after the project commissioning. Once again it demonstrated the benefits of BIM system without which this project would be far more difficult to be implemented in such short terms.

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