The PICHE customer is a woodworking company with over 20 years of experience. PICHE implemented the project by performing the hangar design and construction works. 

Immediately after signing the contract, PICHE started the hangar design works. The design of the hangar of steel constructions was developed  according to the data originally submitted by the customer, on the basis of which was developed in the project implementation offer was developed and the contract was concluded. These data included the planned hangar function, the stored material, its amount and method of storage (timber storage height, used ttransportation technique, etc.), and other customer expectations. The PICHE engineers developed a building construction section designing the foundation and steel constructions according to the Alūksne increased snow loads and engineering geology research findings in relation to the ground conditions. The floor constructions were developed in accordance with the planned load of stacked wood material and the used equipment – forklifts. The entire project was developed in a 3D environment, creating a common BIM model, which allowed before the construction works to examine the architectural and structural section compliance, as well as the compliance of the storage hangar with the expectations of the customer.  

The hangar construction was started before the winter period, which led to the fact that, first of all, a priority must be given to a concrete work which can be influenced by low outdoor temperature in winter. Thus, it accelerated was started earthworks and hangar foundation structure construction. After the construction of the foundation structures, for the planned hangar the floor was constructed by preparing a corresponding sand and crushed stone base. Then the assembly of steel constructions   and their cladding with profiled steel sheets, as well as the assembly of windows and gates was performed.

The design of the hanger of the timber warehouse was launched in October 2013 and before Christmas in 2013 the hangar was transferred to the customer. In the period of less than 3 months, the design and construction were completed. Thus, the customer and PICHE are really pleased with the work carried out and the established cooperation.

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