“Lidostas Parks”

The Lidostas park is a modern complex of warehouses, production and office premises. The project was implemented by the leading developer, designer and builder of industrial parks SIA PICHE. Thanks to the innovative application of technology in construction, as well as maximum energy efficiency, this complex of premises provides a suitable working environment and reduces monthly costs.

The excellent location, being nearby the Riga International Airport, is another plus for the park’s leaseholders. In order to ensure pleasant working conditions not only in the office, but also in its territory, a large parking lot, convenient access roads, pedestrian sidewalks were created. Also, the nearby public transport takes you to the center of Riga in just 15 minutes. Taking care of security, a modern security system was installed, not only for the building, but also for the territory.

Since the premises are designed according to the BUILD TO SUIT principle, they are customized to the preferences of each client, providing them not only with an excellent working environment, but also full cycle landlording, maintaining the park territory in the current condition.

The park’s office space is 3,000 m2, while the warehouse / production space is 20,000 m2, for a more convenient access, the second floor office space is connected to the first floor warehouse. Installing windows from office through to the warehouse provides supervision for a convenient shift.

The previously mentioned energy efficiency provides noticeably lower utility bills, thermal insulation with 150 mm PIR panels for walls and 260 mm wool roof.

To improve work productivity, Class A office spaces were created with natural light and a sense of spaciousness provided by glass partitions. Offices with a recuperation system are responsible for excellent air quality. Considering the desire for well-being in the workplace, the principles of the Indian Vastu principles were used in the planning of offices and territory. Thanks to these ancient teachings, a harmonious, pleasant environment and positive energy has been created in the premises.

The Lidostas park has innumerable advantages that make it an excellent complex of premises.