Insulated warehouse building

During the project implementation, PICHE as the main general contractor performed the design and construction of the insulated warehouse according to the building function specified by the customer, the desired planning and additional requirements. 

Taking into account the customer’s tasks set for the planned hangar, PICHE performed the design works, first of all, determining the most reasonable solution for the steel constructions necessary for the hangar design. The hangar project included the warehouse premises and administrative premises. In the section of building constructions, the PICHE engineers performed the design of steel constructions according to the set architectural planning and the originally accepted reasonable solution. Then the design of the foundation construction was  developed in accordance with the surface loads and soil conditions, as well as the floor construction according to the planned loads in the premises caused by  materials, equipments and facilities. 

After the completion of the hangar design works, the  warehouse construction works were started. Excavation works were performed, the foundation constructions were built and assembly of steel constructions was carried out. After the assembly of steel constructions, PICHE performed the assembly of insulated roof structures and the assembly of  wall sandwich pannels. Then inner walls, built-in windows, doors, gates were assembled, as well as a reinforced concrete floor construction created. In parallel, network construction works and, finally,  the work of  the territory improvement was performed.

The hangar construction works were performed in accordance with the original agreement and without a hitch. The works were completed and the hangar was transferred to the customer for use and business development.

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