Household waste sorting center

This is the second project on a hangar, waste sorting centre, the implementation of which is entrusted by the customer Vides Pakalpojumu Grupa Ltd. to PICHE. For both project procurements PICHE was able to offer the Customer the best offer with the lowest price. 

At the moment, this is the largest waste sorting centre in the Baltic States and one of the largest in the North-Europe. The importance of the project is also implied by the visits of such officials as the Vice Mayor of Riga, the  Mayor of Riga and even the President of Latvia at the moment of placing the hangar in service.

During the project implementation, PICHE repeatedly faced very difficult ground conditions and again successfully solved the related problems using its knowledge and skills in the field of engineering,  as well as the experience gained by the building department. PICHE performed a large amount of work. First of all, it relates to the performance of its duties as a general contractor as a whole. During the building process, all the construction works have been carried out: construction of internal and external networks, the improvement with building a concrete patio of the area of approximately 10 000 m2, as well as the placement of equipments in the building. PICHE fully coped with the scope of this project, the diversity of the works and the required accuracy. PICHE made use also of BIM (Building Information Modeling) system, for example, in controlling the compatibility of the hangar, its metal and reinforced concrete frame constructions with the equipments placed in the hangar. 

PICHE is pleased with the opportunity to participate as a general contractor in the implementation of the project of such size and importance, ensuring both the quality of the project and the project deadlines. It has gained substantial experience and built confidence for implementation of the projects of this size and importance in the future. 

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