Household waste recycling facility

The PICHE customer is one of the largest waste management companies in Latvia. Within the framework of the project, the waste sorting centre together with the engineering networks necessary for the hangar, their transmissions, access roads and squares were constructed. PICHE could offer the most constructive solutions and the most appropriate and the lowest price offer for the implementation of the project.

In the Project implementation, the common  BIM (Building Information Modeling) was developed for the installation of the metal constructions of the hangar by checking  the architectural and construction solution adequacy and linking. First of all, the attention was focused on the constructions of the foundations, as the hangar building was designed in the place with very poor soil conditions. Also in this case, PICHE proved its  engineering capabilities for dealing with even the most problematic soils, offering solutions that are more effective for both functionality and costs which, consequently, satisfied the customer’s desires. 

During the hangar construction process, major earthworks were carried out preparing the swampy soil surface for construction. After the construction of the foundation, the works of the installation of the metal structures and the construction of wall sheets, roofing sheets and the opening fillings were performed. The construction took place in parallel with the installation of the waste sorting equipments which required a detailed work planning. In parallel, engineering connections, internal engineering networks and finally the squares with access roads were constructed. 

The implementation of the project, the hangar construction works lasted only from 16 August 2012 until December 2012. The Customer received the hangar and the project in due time and could immediately start operations, continuing the activities in the direction of the company’s growth.

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