Grass meal pellet production complex

The PICHE customer is the agricultural services cooperative society for which due to the results of the procurement and the best offer PICHE designed and carried out the construction of the grass meal pellet production complex. 

Initially, the works for the common project planning and for the development of hangar design in a 3D environment were performed in accordance with the PICHE standard for the use of BIM (Building Information Modeling) system in the implementation of the project. The complex consisted of 5 separate hangars which in the common spatial plan were connected for observing the specific work process flow and internal logistics rights. The hangars were designed for different use – a production workshop, warehouses of various types, a laboratory building. All the hangars were designed for steel frame structures which subsequently, depending on the planned internal climate, were covered with sandwich panels or profiled steel sheets. The project also included external and internal engineering networks, squares, access roads. 

During the project implementation, initially,  significant earthworks for an almost 12 000 m2 large area were performed. Consequently, according to the draft the foundation works for each hangar were performed. They were followed by steel construction assembly works which were partly executed parallerly with the equipment installation works. After the assembly of steel constructions, the construction of the walls and the roof of the hangar was carried out, with  insulated or uninsulated structures, and consequently the assembly of the floor structures according to each building, depending on the provided loads.  The hangar construction works are carried out in parallel with the construction of external engineering networks, engineering network connections, as well as rain water sewerage system almost for 8 000 m2 area. The construction of internal engineering networks and internal structures according to the internal design of the hangar was also performed. The works as a whole were concluded with the construction of the concrete square of 8 000 m2 in size in accordance with the vertical spatial planning and provided loads of equipment, transport intensity. 

This is one of the most interesting projects in which PICHE has acted as the general contractor. Within the framework of the project  important works were performed in all the sections of the project, demanding an accurate and highly planned operation of the  PICHE responsible specialists , especially considering the fact that the project consisted of five hangars and a number of additional elements in the overall spatial plan. With this project, PICHE has accumulated significant experience and knowledge in the construction of such complexes and hopefully the implemented complex will allow the customer to achieve the objectives set and already think about further expansion plans.

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