Farm equipment storage building

The project provided the works of design and construction of the hangar of farm equipment storage within the framework of the same contract, assuming implementation of the project from concept to commissioning. 

Initially, according to the requirements defined by the customer and the function of the building a hangar construction project was developed, working out the section of architecture and building constructions which included also the steel construction project. The dimensions of the steel constructions and internal height were designed in accordance with the use of the building.  The floor construction was determined taking into account the expected farm equipment weight and axle loads. For providing light in the hangar transparent polycarbonate sheets in the longitudinal walls covering the full height of the walls. 

During the hangar construction, PICHE carried out a full complex of works from excavations, continuing with the construction of the foundations, assembly of steel constructions, wall and roof sheets fitting, construction of the floor and gate assembly. 

Upon completion of the hungar construction works, the customer received the complete product, the desired farm equipment storage building with the required dimensions and ready for use.

This type of building is available as a ready-made project which can significantly reduce the overall design and construction costs. Also there is a similar agricultural warehouse project in our completed projects section which might interest you.