Equipment service center and storage

The project was implemented in one of the largest ski resorts in Scandinavia. The building was designed for maintenance and storage of the resort appliances, ski equipment, etc. During the implementation of the project, an insulated steel structure building was constructed.

The project was started with the design works. The hangar design works were carried out according to the expectations of the customer with regard to the internal layout and the indicators of separate premises, inside height, the loads on the floors, as well as the heating requirements for the external envelope of the hangar. The design works and their progress were constantly coordinated with the customer remotely. Using the possibilities of modern remote communication, the common  hangar 3D model was constantly presented to the customer, developing the project according to the customer desires and needs. 

The hangar construction works were started immediately after the coordination of the design works with the Customer. Taking into account that the construction works were performed relatively far from the PICHE office location,  precise work planning, including the BIM (Building Information Modeling) system capabilities, was carried out. Thus, material supply and hangar construction work sequence were precisely planned and the compatibility of the metal structures and other hangar constructions. 

Despite the snowy conditions and its created burdens, PICHE managed to build the hangar in due time, according to the initial agreement with the customer. 

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