Electrical equipment factory

The agreement provided for the development of the design of the electrotechnical material factory, including external engineering connections, internal engineering networks, as well as the territory areas, access roads and improvements.

When starting contractual obligations, the customer had already developed the proposed factory design project, involving other design company. After the examination of the planned design, primarily concerning the hangar, PICHE offered its solution, basing on the customer’s requirements for the operation of the hangar. Consequently, PICHE developed the hangar concept, including optimal steel structures, building envelope solutions, the hangar layout that would allow more efficient use of space, the hangar in general and, of course, significantly reduce the costs of building the hangar. The hangar design activities were strictly based on the hangar functions and the indicators specified by the customer, leaving the rest to PICHE responsibility.

During the design, the hangar project was developed. It included the two-storey administrative area, as well as the detached technical premises, placed in the hangar. During the steel construction design, the designer took into account the deployable hoists, able to move throughout the length of the building (120m), while being approximately 8 m above the floor. At the same time, the span length is 40m. Considering the above mentioned, the PICHE engineers found the most reasonable solutions that maintained the hangar costs at a low level.

During the engineering network design, the water supply, sanitation, gas supply, sewer and power supply external networks, as well as internal engineering networks, for example, electricity, ventilation and heating systems, were developed. The overall layout of the territory was also developed , ensuring effective logistics of the internal areas.

The hangar design works according to PICHE operational standards were developed within the framework of BIM system, precisely planning the compatibility of the separate design sections in the same model, for example, the compatibility of steel constructions and architecture.

The developed hangar project provides a rational use of space by using reasonable constructive solutions and reducing the hangar construction costs.

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