Cardan factory

In the framework of the project it was envisaged  to establish a factory  of production of cardan. During the construction process, the factory,  hangar metal structures with additional internal administrative planning, internal and external engineering networks, as well as squares and access roads were built. 

At the beginning, a common 3D design model was developed and placed  in the construction field. The development of the hangar sections in a 3D design environment and their linkage enabled at an early stage to consider and examine all the planned constructive solutions for the building and to link them. The development of this model also made it possible to plan from the very beginning precise material supply, its nature and unity solutions, etc., to improve the project implementation process. 

The surface bearing part of the hangar was formed by metal structures, the walls being made of the sandwich panels on the warm side and the profiled steel sheets on the cold side. The roof construction was made of profiled steel sheets in accordance with the specified loads which were subsequently covered with thermal insulation and roofing. Next came the creation of the floor structure according to the provided loads in the hangar. Then inners walls for the division of premises and internal engineering networks were built. Finally, squares and access roads were built.  

Due to the mutual cooperation between PICHE and the customer, the hangar currently operates at full capacity, ensuring the company’s future growth opportunities and plans for further development. 

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