Bulk cargo material storage – reconstruction

One of the reconstruction projects implemented by PICHE where, during the work process, the reconstruction of the existing reinforced concrete hangar is carried out in the port area. Within the framework of this project, PICHE  carried out the design of the reconstruction of the design, as well as performed the subsequent works under the contract of the general contractor.

PICHE carried out the design of the bulk materials warehouse in compliance with the customer’s order, in accordance with the loads and the equipment used in the hangar to determine the dimensions of the metal constructions, the heights of the premises and other operation and cost influencing factors. The design of the hangar metal constructions was carried out in accordance with the existing reinforced concrete structures which prior to the start of the design of the metal constructions were accurately surveyed in the 3D environment. Thus, in the course of the design,the 3D model of the existing constructions was created , to which  newly constructed building constructions, exterior walls and roof structures were attached. The design works for the existing reinforced concrete structures, reinforcing them in accordance with the planned grain and other bulk material loads, were also carried out. 

The installation works of the hangar metal constructions  were started together with the construction works of reinforced concrete structures, thus speeding up the execution of works. After the installation of metal constructions, the works of the construction of the walls and the roof and the installation  of the opening filling were carried out. The installation of  the PICHE metal constructions, wall and roof constructions for all this  relatively large amount was carried out in the period of only 3 weeks. 

Despite the fact that the project was the reconstruction which usually includes a complex linking of old and new structures, PICHE, accurately using the capabilities of BIM (Building Information Modeling) and the experience of the PICHE assembly teams, managed to develop an accurate project, to produce precise metal constructions which allowed them to be operatively installed. 

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