Berry processing building

The building is designed for pre-treatment of berries after their harvesting, for their subsequent packaging and for their storage prior to transport for marketing purposes. During the project realization, we built the hangar, internal and external engineering networks, driveways and squares, performing all the works in accordance with the concluded contract of the general contractor. 

Before the construction, the common 3D model was developed, including the metal constructions, external architecture, internal partitions and  planning of the premises. In this way, PICHE from the beginning developed a precise BIM (Building Information Modeling) system which allowed to carry out the construction process, material ordering and construction process control much more accurately. The BIM system was of special importance for providing the construction of freezers in the building . As each of the freezers was designed with individual temperature setting, special attention was focused on construction of assemblies, avoiding formation of cold bridges. 

The internal area of the hangar building included the warehouse, berry packaging area, cooling chambers and administrative area in which  offices, staff rest area, dressing rooms, dining room, etc. are located. The process of the implementation of the hangar construction project was full of new challenges, demands for innovative approaches and fast-acting. The building is located in the Kaigu purvs (marsh) area, thus the construction of the hangar  was intended on the peat soil which hindered the movement of equipment, etc. During the construction process, PICHE paid much attention to the provision of various heat regimes inside the building, as the building, providing the area for cooling chambers, was divided into several zones of temperature regime, which required a detailed approach to the construction of the assemblies, as well as to the processes taking place during the operation. In addition, an innovative approach to the adjacent access roads was used.  For the construction of the road, the soil recyclung was carried out by chemical strengthening, thus making it possible to build asphalt covering under the complex soil conditions which made the overall picture much more pleasant and rationalized the means.

The project was a challenge for the PICHE engineers due to the difficult ground conditions, but once again the PICHE engineers solved the problem. Thus PICHE can safely confirm that it is able to build a hangar in the swamp. 

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