Agricultural warehouse

The hangar customer is one of the largest farms in the region, engaged in cereal cultivation. To meet the customers’ expectations, PICHE implemented the project on the agricultural warehouse of grain and fertilizer storage.

During the hangar construction process, a common architectural and structural model in a 3D environment was developed. It allowed even before the construction process to make decisions on constructive solutions, their linkage, as well as to determine the metal structures to be supplied, the elements of the enclosing structures, their size, nature, etc. This initial precise work planning and subsequent execution made it possible to implement the project within 6 weeks. During this 6-week period, the access roads were built, the territory improvement works were carried out, the power supply internal and external networks were built and the hangar was constructed. The agricultural warehouse was planned exactly according to customer work specifics, based on grain storage. Reinforced concrete retaining walls 2 metres in height according to the load set in relation to grain were constructed within a perimeter of the hangar. Reinforced seamless floor with improved surface hardening method, provided for certain  technique aggregates for tractors and grain trailer load, was constructed. The possible occurrence of condensation was also taken into account, and in this respect, appropriate measures against condensation were taken for the roof enclosing structures. 

During the construction of this hangar, agricultural warehouse, genuine good relations between PICHE and the customer were developed, as PICHE performed the works according to the originally agreed solutions, costs and terms, ensuring full responsibility and control of the project related processes. Thus PICHE has obtained  another truly satisfied customer. The project on the agricultural warehouse was implemented accurately, in high-quality and within short terms.

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